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ISBCstudents Nights

you can [connect] here!

Join us at the Student Assembly Center at 325 Hill Rd on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:15PM, resuming Jan 9th. 

You can expect a welcoming atmosphere, fun games, a Biblical and gospel-centered sermon,  and imperfect people seeking to live the gospel together.

ISBCstudents Sunday School

9:30 or 11:00AM sundays

9:30-10:45 AM

Student Assembly Center, 325 Hill Rd

MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Ladies, and HS Guys classes

  • A shuttle runs to/from the Worship Center and
    Student Assembly Center from 9:15-10:45 AM
  • Parents can also drop off/ pick up from the
    Student Assembly Center or Worship Center
  • Students are not permitted to walk across Hill Rd

11:00 AM- 12:15 PM

A213, Worship Center, 214 Hill Rd

Single class, all grades/genders

All classes utilize The Gospel Project- a Biblical, gospel centered curriculum that goes through the overarching story of the Bible every three years.

Big church, small community

Specific age and gendered groups gather throughout the week to [CONNECT].  Take note of these opportunities to live life together in a smaller setting.

  • MS Girls

    MS girls [CONNECT] regularly through varied events. Make sure to follow us on Instagram!

  • MS Boys

    MS boys gather for Bible Study from 6:00-7:00PM on Wednesdays at 3921 Hemlock Park Dr, KPT.

  • HS LAdies

    HS ladies gather for Bible Study on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:45PM. Enrollment is at the beginning of Fall, Winter, and Summer. For more info, reach out to Jen on GroupMe!

  • HS Guys

    HS guys gather for Bible Study from 8:00-9:00PM on Tuesdays at 1644 Ridgeway Dr, KPT.


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