Dear Parents of ISBC Kids,


It is our sincere desire as the staff of Indian Springs Baptist Church to come along side you, our parents, as you disciple your child in the knowledge and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ! Part of our focus in the Children’s Department is to prepare children to become lifelong worshipers who value the corporate worship of the church. To that end, we are going to offer a new experience for children in grades K-3rd. We are excited to introduce “Truth Seekers!”

Truth Seekers is a new avenue of ministry to our families. The Truth Seekers Bible study will help parents disciple their children by giving them an option for introducing their K-3rd grade child to the corporate worship service while still providing sound Biblical teaching on their child’s level and in accordance with the Pastor’s sermon. 


Here’s how it will work if your family attends the 11am worship service!

(Our Glenwood families will follow this same order. However, for Glenwood                  specific times and locations, please contact Mrs. Lyndy or Pastor Tiger!) 


As always, your family will attend 9:30am Sunday school and then 11:00am worship. As you arrive on Sunday morning, you will drop your K-5th grade children off at the Children’s Assembly Room at 9:30am for Sunday school and then make your way to your adult class or area of service. Then, before the 11:00am service, you will pick up your child from the Children’s Assembly Room and bring them to the Worship Center with you.


Children (grades K-3rd) will attend the first half of the worship service with you. They will experience the adult worship through music, take part in corporate times of prayer, and experience other parts of the worship service including baptisms and other special corporate worship elements with you as a family. At a point early in the first half of the service, Pastor Bob will call the children forward and present a short “children’s message” geared specifically for them based on his main topic and Scripture passage from the main sermon. After the children’s message, they will return to their seats with you until time for the sermon.


At the time for the transition into the sermon usually marked by a short video clip based on the sermon series, children’s leaders with Truth Seekers lanyards will stand at the doors that lead into the Children’s Area from the Worship Center. An announcement will be made signaling for all children (grades K-3rd) to exit the Worship Center with the Truth Seeker Guides in order to “discover the truth in today’s sermon” from Pastor Bob. The children will attend a Bible study in the Children’s Assembly Room based on the text and major points of the Pastor’s sermon for that morning while pastor Bob preaches in the worship center. After the worship service, parents will pick up their children from the Children’s Assembly Room.


For parents who attend the 9:30am Worship service, the program will work almost exactly the same in reverse order. Your children will begin in the Worship Center with you and end the worship time in the Children’s Assembly Room. Your children will remain in the Children’s Assembly Room while you transition to Sunday school and they will transition to Sunday school from the Truth Seekers class. Parents of 4th and 5th graders will bring them to the Children’s Assembly Room at the conclusion of the service. You will pick your child up after the Sunday school hour from the Children’s Assembly Room.


Truth Seekers is intended to be the avenue to help parents introduce their children to corporate worship while still providing them with Biblical teaching on their level from the Pastor as well as the Truth seekers leaders in class. Because the children will be studying the same passage that the Pastor is preaching, families can still be able to (and will be encouraged to) have meaningful conversations pertaining to the message each week. In fact, younger children should be more prepared to discuss the message after it is reinforced for them during the Pastor’s children’s message time in the service and Truth Seekers study time!


For children in Grades 4 and 5, we feel they are old enough to begin learning from the Pastor’s main sermon. In order to help them stay focused and glean as much as possible from the sermon, we will provide “Truth Seekers” sermon handouts with puzzles, outlines, and fill-in-the-blank notes based on the pastor’s sermon which will challenge your student to listen attentively to the sermon in order to complete their handout. Completed handouts will then provide parents with a tool to discuss the Biblical truths with their older children!


Our goal for Truth Seekers is to help equip our parents to disciple their children as well as prepare the next generation to be the church - not just attend a service! It is the sincere desire of the ministry staff of ISBC to lead our families to worship the one true God and grow in their knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ! Together, let’s seek the truth that will renew our minds and transform us in to His disciples!



Todd Kirk

Family Life Pastor