PODS stands for Personal On-going Disciple-making Squad. Fundamentally, ISBC follows Jesus' pattern for making disciples. 

  • Jesus ministered to the crowds (represented by our large group worship services) 
  • Jesus ministered to the twelve disciples (represented by our Sunday School classes) 
  • Jesus ministered to the "three" (Peter, James and John - represented by POD Squads)

POD Squads consist of 3-5 men or women, adult or teen, who have agreed and covenanted together to be intentional about meeting and going on a discipleship jouney. PODS begin with the end in mind... multiplication. PODS meet for a period of 12-18 months, weekly, or every other week depending upon the availability and needs of the group. At the end of the journey, the POD Squad multiplies by each member launching a new POD Squad and beginning a new journey with their new Squad.

The POD Squad focuses on the study of God's Word and learning what it means to live out the Word in life-on-life community with fellow believers united together on a journey toward Christlikeness.

Below you will find information you can download that will give more details and provide tools for anyone to launch a POD Squad.

PODS Resources

  • PODS Defined

    This PDF file provides greater understanding and

    definition for PODS.

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  • PODS Lead Sheet

    This PDF provides what a

    leader needs to know to

    get a POD Squad started.

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  • PODS Covenant

    This covenant lays out the expectations for the POD Squad and is to be signed by all members.

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  • F260 Bible Reading Plan

    This document explains the concept behind the F260 plan. 

    (See the verses below!)

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  • F260 Bible Verses

    This PDF is a printable document set in landscape mode for easy foldability in your Bible. 

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  • Total PODS Kit

    All the previously described documents listed above in one downloadable PDF.

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