Men's Ministry

"Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

We offer bible study classes and other events for men at ISBC throughout the year. 

Check out our men's opportunities below!

Men's Events/Studies

Below are the men's ministry sponsored events coming up in the next few months!

  • "Growing Up: How To Be A Disciple Who Makes Disciples"

    By: Robby Gallaty

    Have you started making your list of New Year's resolutions yet? If you have then making improvements to your spiritual life should be on that list. Don't worry, you're not alone. Hundreds of believers are participating in the Growing Up Challenge for that reason. Over the next 13-weeks you will experience a closer walk with Christ, a better understanding of the Bible, and more meaningful relationships with others as you walk through this step-by-step process for spiritual growth. Begin thinking about people with whom you can go on this journey.

    Class begins Wednesday, January 16th with an introduction. Formal study will begin Wednesday, January 23rd. Classes will meet 6PM-7:30PM upstairs at the Hill Road Worship Center. Men and Women will meet together for the first two classes.

    Growing Up 

    Reading Schedule

    Jan. 16th: Week 1 ~ FOREWORD

    Jan. 23rd: Week 2 ~ INTRODUCTION

    Jan. 30th: Week 3 ~ Chapter 1: The Difference that Made the Difference

    Feb. 6th: Week 4 ~ Chapter 2: The Great Confusion

    Feb. 13th: Week 5 ~ Chapter 3: THE D-GROUP: A Blueprint

    Feb. 20th: Week 6 ~ Chapter 4: No Pain, No Gain: Spiritual Exercise

    Feb. 27th: Week 7 ~ Chapter 5: COMMUNICATE: Knocking on Heaven's Door

    Mar. 6th: Week 8 ~ Chapter 6: LEARN: Mining for Gold

    Mar. 13th: Week 9 ~ Chapter 7: OBEY: Follow the Leader

    Mar. 20th: Week 10 ~ Chapter 8: STORE: An Eternal Investment Strategy


    Apr. 3rd: Week 11 ~ Chapter 9: EVANGELIZE: Show and Tell

    Apr. 10th: Week 12 ~ Chapter 10: RENEW: from God

    Apr. 17th: Week 13 ~ AFTERWORD

Men's Discipleship

Would you like to get involved with a small group or even a one-on-one discipleship opportunity? Would you like to grow in your faith like never before? Would you like to build relationships with other men that will last a life time? Studying God's Word for your self and being challenged by other men to actually live it out are the keys to discipleship like you may have never experienced before! 

Contact Todd Kirk for more info or to get involved!