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  • Todd Kirk - Pastor of Students and Family Discipleship

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  • Cyrena Fletcher -  Preschool Ministry Director

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  • Lyndy Davison - Children's Ministry  Director

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KID's Ministry

The Kid's Ministry at ISBC  exists to share the love of Christ with boys and girls in the community surrounding our campus. It is our desire that they come to know Jesus as their Savior and to grow toward Christlikeness.

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Need to Know

  • *COVID-19 Schedule Changes*

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    Dear Parents and Clubbers,

    Please bear with me as this is a little long. But please read to the end.

    I wanted to take a minute to tell you what an awesome job you are doing. You have been feeding your clubbers and they are still alive and well. And that’s the only thing that really HAS to be done during this time. We do love seeing the videos that are posted of the kids saying their verses. Watching them makes me smile every time. But we also understand that doing school at home and being in your house all the time with your children is hard work and videoing verses and sections can be more than what you can do at this time. And that is perfectly fine as well. We love you and are here if you need us.

    I also wanted to take a few minutes and fill you in on the end of year plans we have for our Awana clubbers and the reasons behind our plans.


    We have decided to delay our end of year awards. We know that not everyone has had the ability or time to help their children complete sections at home while we have been shut down. That’s ok. We don’t want you or your children to feel like you missed out on finishing a book or getting an award because of that. So, we will hold the awards ceremony for this school year sometime next Fall. The Home Handbook Time Facebook page will remain open all summer. If you or your child wants to start posting videos at that time, by all means, do so. Clubbers can also continue in their books in the Fall in order to complete them and earn the awards they would have earned this Spring (even if they are transitioning from one club to another or from Awana to the youth group). We will coordinate our awards night in the Fall with the youth group so that those 6th graders who have decided to move up will still be able to attend and get their award from this year.

    Awana Store

    Now we come to the fun part. We know the Sparks and T&T kids have been looking forward to shopping at the Awana store and that some of them have been saving up their bucks to spend at the end of the year. We also know that some bucks have been earned since we have been out and we will be compiling a list of those for you shortly.

    So, we have decided to do a virtual Awana store. Shelly Murray is going to photograph items from the store and post them in an album on the “ISBC Awana Home Handbook Time” Facebook Group. Parents will show the pictures to the kids, who will pick the items they want and claim them by commenting on the picture.

    These are the dates and details:

    May 7 – This is the last day your child can earn extra Awana Bucks from saying verses at home or doing extra activities.

    May 8 – All the pictures will be uploaded to the “ISBC Awana Home Handbook Time” Facebook group for your children to browse. DO NOT COMMENT OR CLAIM PRIZES AT THIS TIME. This is only for your Sparks and T&T children to see what’s out there and the cost of items.

    This will also be the day we post a list of extra bucks that have been earned since we shut down. You’ll add that number to the number of physical bucks they have on hand.

    **Parents, please make sure your child has enough Awana bucks to buy the items they want or steer them towards items they can afford.


    May 11 – We will open up the Awana store FOR FIFTH GRADERS ONLY this day. We want to honor our 5th graders since they are the only group who won’t have the chance to spend their bucks next year, if they choose to move on to the youth group. In order to shop and claim items, simply comment under the picture with your clubbers name and the item they want. It’s first come, first serve, so check comments first before you claim something.

    May 12-14 – The store will open up to all other Sparks and T&T clubbers. In order to shop and claim items, simply comment under the picture with your clubbers name and the item they want. It’s first come, first serve, so check comments first before you claim something.

    We will do our best to clean up the store photo album every night and take off claimed items so you can better see what’s left.

    May 15 – Our directors will be bagging up purchased items and adding names to them.

    May 16, 1-3 PM – Pick up time for store items. If you’d like to pick up your items, you will come to the CLC and drive through the drive under and stay in your car. Our directors will be sitting outside the CLC and once they see you, they will go inside and get your child’s bag of items and hand them to you through the car window. (Directors will be wearing masks.)

    If you do not feel comfortable coming in person, we will deliver any unclaimed items to your front porch in the days that follow.

    If you have questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are in uncharted territory here and there could be something we haven’t thought of.

    We love you and miss you!

    Mrs. Cathy Davenport

    Awana Commander

  • Click HERE for VBS  video update from Pastor Pat!

    We as a team at Indian Springs Baptist Church have been considering and praying about Vacation Bible School for some time. There is little doubt that it is the largest outreach to children we do. 

    But while things are moving back toward gathering together, they are moving that way slowly. Looking at the numbers of what is recommended and allowed to gather combined with the fact we have around 300 children, workers and volunteers we do not see any way we can have VBS on schedule the first week of June.

    We waited as long as we could to make a decision that still would allow us to be ready on time. Too many factors tell us we cannot.

    We hope to reschedule for the week of July 20-24. There is a lot going on in our area at that time so we know it is not ideal and may even be inconvenient for some of you. We know anytime something as big as VBS does not go on schedule the alternative can be inconvenient.

    We are disappointed to have to make this decision but believe it is best for the time we are in. We will keep you updated if anything changes regarding the third week in July. Meantime, if you have signed up to work VBS and cannot help during the July week, please let Mrs. Lyndy know as soon as possible so she can begin filling your position.

    Thank you church. You have been amazing during this challenging time.

  • Parents and Guardians

    In our continuing efforts to love, nurture and protect our children, we are updating our files. In doing so, we ask parents/guardians to complete an informational sheet for every child in the ISBCkids ministry -- that is fifth-grade and under. Now is a great time to get this done! Please scan or email completed sheets to lyndy@isbc.org.

    Click here to download the information sheet. 

  • CentriKid and CentriFuge cancelled!

    Unfortunately, CentriKid and Centrifuge have been cancelled for this year. We are extremely disappointed, but more information will be coming later this season on other opportunities to invest in our children and students' lives in a fun and unique way. If you have paid a deposit to camp, we will be contacting you after Holy Week to arrange a refund.

  • Theme:  Champions of Faith

    Sadly, we will not be able to complete our Children's Choir year this year.  We will plan to start a new choir year in August.  

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Important Dates to Remember

    July 20-24- VBS

    July 11-18- Mission KPT

    July 26- Upcoming 6th Grade Welcome Lunch

    Aug 2- Promotion Sunday/ Back to School Bash

    Journey Nights- June 10, July 3, July 8, July 22

    Wacky Wednesdays (ISBCchildren)- July 15, July 29

    Terrific Tuesdays (ISBCpreschool)- July 7, July 21

sunday morning kidsworship/bible study


Sunday School at 9:30 AM


Infants (A112) – Rotating Teachers

Creepers (A116) – Rotating Teachers

2-Year olds (A113) – Heather Bowers & Wendi Stratton

3-Year olds (A109) – Kristie Monds, Becky Hubble & Jason Mumpower

4-Year olds (A107) – Brandon & Shelly Howard/Josh & Amanda O'Dell


Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade (A105) - Jackie Hite & Jerry Anders

3rd - 5th Grade Girls (A103) - Cindy Dunford & Penny Capell

4th & 5th Grade Boys (A104) - Matt Spaugh, Tim Kraus & Bill Cox

Children at 11:00:

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade (A105) - Beth Parker & Mary Fowler

3rd - 5th Grade Girls & Boys (A103) - Julie Hall & Rotating Assistant