Discipleship @ ISBC

We offer multiple bible studies, classes, and ministries for you to grow in your spiritual formation. At Indian Springs, we are passionate about helping you take steps toward maturity in Christ.

Scroll down to find information (for both of our campuses) about:

Adult Sunday School

Mid-week Bible Study/Discipleship classes

If you have any questions about our Family Life ministry, please contact Todd Kirk

Hill Rd. Campus

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study

Sunday's at 8:15 AM


Coed A - Adults - Jim Williams, Vickie Fox, Teacher (Room A217)

Coed B - Adults - Randall Jones, Teacher (Room A205)

Coed E - Adults - Steve & Susan Butler, Teacher (Room A213)

Ladies 2 - Adults - Carrol Harbin, Teacher (Room A223)

Ladies 4 - Adults - Sara Holcombe, Teacher (Room A221)

Men 3 - Adults - Leonard Davis, Teacher (Room A209)

Sunday's at 9:30 AM


Coed C - Adults 35+ - Richard Eaton, Teacher (Room A205)

Coed G - Young Couples - Dan Preston, Teacher (Room A217)

Coed Class - Couples - Ryan McReynolds, Teacher (Room A209)

Men 6 - Adults - Ernie Frye, Teacher (Room A212)

Women of All Seasons - Adult - Linda Hicks, Teacher (Room A221)

College/Young Adult - 18-30 yr olds - Steve Cockrell & Gerald Guffey, Teachers (Room A211)

Sunday's at 11:00 AM


Bible Fellowship Class - Coed Adults - Dave Phillips, Teacher (Room A205)

Coed E - Adults - Steve & Susan Butler, Teacher (Room A217)

Men 5 - Adults - Sterling Tilley, Teacher (Room A209)

Exploring the Word Class - Coed Adults - Leonard Davis, Teacher (Room A208)

Coed I - Adults - Ken & Carol Harr, Teacher (Room A212)

Ladies @ Eleven - Adults - Shirley Thomas, Teacher (Room A210)

Coed Adults Class - Adults - Gary Luce, Teacher (Room A213)

Glenwood campus

Sunday morning

adult bible study

Sunday's at 9:00 AM


COED A—Various Ages—Jim Carson, Teacher (Room 200)

COED B—Age 35 and up—Wayne Sherfey, Teacher (Room 205)

COED C “The Journey’s”— Young Adults 20’s & 30’s) - Wes DeBord, Teacher (Room 206)

*One-Year Bible—Various Ages—Matt Davison, Teacher (Room 201)

Faith—Coed—Age 55 and up—Ron Crain & Paul Tate, Teachers (FH)

Ruth—Ladies—Age 55 and up—Jennie Baker, Teacher (FH)

*A New One-Year-Bible class is forming and will begin January 1st! See Melissa Sherfey to sign-up!

hill rd.

Mid-Week Bible Study

In this section you will find details of all our Bible Study, Discipleship and Fellowship opportunities during the week!

Look for new information in the next few weeks!

  • Beginning September 27th - Wednesday Morning Ladies Study

    9:30am in the CLC.

    "Genesis Part 5 - Keeping Your Focus When Your Dreams Are Shattered" - A Study on Joseph - Precept Workbook


    Have you ever been falsely accused or suffered from injustice? This study of Joseph is your manual for handling these painful situations. Learn how to rise above difficulties by trusting God.


    This is a 4 week study and the cost of the book is 9.00.


    We will begin September 27th.


    To register or if you have any questions contact Dawn Gibson 429-5216 or


  • Beginning August 22nd - Tuesday Precept Classes

    Coed class: 9:30am

    Men's/Women's class: 6:30pm

    "2 Corinthians" - Ministers of Reconciliation Second Corinthians is a book about ministry, various kinds of ministry. But in the midst of ministry, sometimes Christians are burdened beyond strength, despairing of life, having fears within and conflicts without. How do we cope with those things? This book tells us how to be strong in the Lord when accusations and persecutions are directed toward us, how to have confidence in Him and not lose heart, and even how to correct those who are our accusers. 

    This study has 10 lessons.

    Tuesday mornings 

    beginning August 22

    9:30- 11:40 am

    in the CLC Room 315

    Tuesday evenings 

    (Men's and Women's classes )

    beginning August 22

    at 6:30 - 8:40 pm

    in the CLC

    Books $22.50 (Scholarships available)

    Register by emailing Steve and Susan Butler at sbutlers@chartertn.net or call 423-288-2893

  • Beginning August 23rd - Wednesday Evening Ladies Study

    "Think Differently" by James McDonald.

    Why do we lose our temper? Why do we hurt those we care for most? How do families find themselves broken? The reason is often the way we think. Beyond behaviors and deeper than attitudes, thinking determines outcome more than anything else. God offers our only hope for victory over disposition, dysfunction, double-mindedness, and every other mental stronghold. With Him we can think differently.

    Ten-session study

    Click the Picture (right) to see a clip of the Study

    Wednesday Evening

    beginning August 23rd

    at 6:00 pm

    Hill Rd campus room A205

    Cost: $12

    Contact Carol Harr: cbharr2000@yahoo.com or 423-306-0161 for more info or to signup!

  • Beginning August 23rd - Wednesday Evening Co-ed Study

    "Counter Culture" by David Pratt

    The Bible is clear on a number of issues:

    • Who God is—the holy, just, and gracious Creator of the universe
    • Who we are—men and women created in the image of God for our good and for God's glory
    • Who Christ is and what He has done—His life, death, and resurrection
    • What it means to follow Christ—to die to ourselves and to live in Him
    • Why this matters for eternity—heaven and hell are at stake in our response to the gospel

    So how do these truths affect how we respond to the social issues of our day—realities such as poverty, slavery, abortion, sexual immorality, the degradation of marriage, the neglect of orphans and widows, racism, and persecution?

    David Platt believes that the truths of the gospel should compel us to a contrite, compassionate, and courageous personal response to social issues in the culture. Using biblical foundations, practical illustrations, and personal exhortations, this study is a pointed yet winsome call for readers to faithfully follow Christ in counter cultural ways. There will be a cost. There will be a reward. Do Christians in the contemporary church have the courage to counter the culture?

    Wednesday Evening

    Beginning August 23rd

    at 6:00 pm

    Hill Rd Campus room A217

    Cost:  $13

    Contact Scott Dishner:  scottdishner@gmail.com

    for more info or to sign up!


mid-week bible study

In this section, you will find information about the Sunday evening and Mid-Week Bible Studies and Discipleship/Fellowship opportunities at our Glenwood Campus for adults.

  • Beginning August 22nd - Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

    “Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost” by Kay Arthur, Tom & Jane Hart

    Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost is an eye-opening study of passages from the four gospels that will will bring you face to face with what it means to deny yourself and follow Christ.The last chapter examines Paul's example of a disciple and his advice to Timothy.

    Tuesday morning

    Beginning August 22nd

    At the Glennwood Campus

    Cost: $6

    Contact Melissa Sherfey: Glenwoodoffice@isbc.org for more info or to sigh up!

  • Beginning August 16th - Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Study

    "Vertical Church" by James MacDonald

    A new model for church is desperately needed, and Vertical Church is fanning the flame. The Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs For, What Every Church Can Be - Leader Kit provides a leader everything needed to conduct the Vertical Church Bible study. This study will help pastors, teachers, leaders, and serious believers get beyond a human-centered horizontal church to focus on seeking God's glory.

    During the study, participants will examine four requirements for a church that is focused on God:

    • unashamed adoration
    • unapologetic preaching
    • unafraid witness
    • and unceasing prayer
    Wednesday Evening
    Beginning August 16th
    at the Glenwood Campus

    Cost: $10
    Contact Melissa Sherfey: glenwoodoffice@isbc.org for more info or to sign up!