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ISBC is prayerfully seeking a Worship Pastor. The job description is below. If you would like to submit a resume to the hiring team, please click on the link at the right side of the page.


Posted January 9, 2019

Updated January 16, 2019



To develop and lead the worship music ministry for Indian Springs Baptist Church (ISBC), in consultation with the Ministerial Staff and other staff members, in a way that is consistent with our mission, values, and theology.

1. The Worship Pastor shall be spiritually mature and of the highest character. Theological beliefs shall be compatible with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as adopted by ISBC.

2. The Worship Pastor will maintain a close relationship with the ISBC Ministerial Staff as well as work with them in worship planning and administration to ensure that all worship experiences are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism.

3. The Worship Pastor is a full time, salaried position working with the other church staff, teams, deacons, and church body to fulfill the Great Commission and achieve the goals and vision established by ISBC.

Job Requirements

1. The Worship Pastor must be an active Christian, called by God for this type of work, and must be willing to serve as a faithful representative of ISBC.

2. Previous experience of a minimum of 5 years in vocational music leadership.

3. A minimum education of a Bachelor’s Degree in music or a related field is required. Post graduate work in music is preferred.

4. The Worship Pastor will have experience and understanding of the intricacies of vocal and instrumental music, as well as, the instruments themselves.

5. The Worship Pastor will have the musical ability and aptitude to be actively involved in singing and/or playing within the worship experience when circumstances dictate.

6. The Worship Pastor must exhibit harmonious working relationships with the staff, deacons, church employees, church members, and personnel outside the body of the church.

7. The Worship Pastor should exercise Christian grace in personal contacts, conduct, and dress at all times.

8. The Worship Pastor shall possess personal leadership qualities.

9. The Worship Pastor shall be well organized in preparation and in the execution of all duties.

10. The Worship Pastor shall be comfortable and adept in speaking and leading in worship music in front of congregations of all sizes.

11. The Worship Pastor shall demonstrate a healthy level of proficiency with a wide variety of technologies associated with modern worship leadership to include: basic computer savvy; familiarity with presentation software; basic audio sound engineering techniques; the use of video, projection, lighting and other imagery as it relates to the worship experience.

Job Responsibilities

1. Gather, prepare and/or create all materials necessary and related to the Sunday and midweek worship experiences, to include all music, visuals and audio.

2. Lead the choir, orchestra and congregation in musical worship and praise for the Hill Road campus services.

3. Supervise and provide leadership support for the Worship Ministry Associate at the Glenwood Campus, as well as, administrative assistance as needed.

4. Supervise and provide leadership support for the worship praise band, making sure they are prepared and equipped with all they need.

5. Before the first note is played or sung, help prepare the heart of the worship leaders with whom you work.

6. Prepare for and conduct worship rehearsal for the Hill Road campus choir & orchestra.

7. During worship preparation for choir and orchestra members, give attention to and help sections, as well as, individuals achieve excellence in playing and singing.

8. Develop musical teams and ensembles for various services, including hand bells.

9. Will have the responsibility to oversee and approve all musicians/singers involved in any capacity at the Hill Road and Glenwood campuses.

10. Recruit, develop and maintain relationships with all choir members and traditional worship musicians.

11. Be available for special services and mission efforts involving music outside the church, as needed.

12. Meet regularly with the Ministerial Staff and other church staff as needed.

13. Participate in the creative planning of the Sunday and special services with the Ministerial staff.

14. Provide the necessary information for the weekly bulletin, church website and any other necessary publication in a timely manner.

15. Prepare music and provide musical leadership for funeral services as needed and if schedule permits.

16. Will work closely with volunteers to develop graded music programs for children and youth age groups.

17. Work closely with Worship Ministry Associate of the Glenwood Campus in a coordinated effort to offer special musical presentations as needed.

18. Be available for seasonal special activities such as Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, etc.

19. As time and schedule permits, be an active participant in the Sullivan Baptist Association, Tennessee Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention as opportunities arise.

20. Coordinate with the Worship Ministry Associate of the Glenwood Campus to prepare and submit an annual budget to the Personnel and Finance Teams, and administer the approved budget.

21. Be a faithful participant in the life and ministry of the church.

22. Maintain a strong prayer base for the music ministry.

Policy Statements

1. The Worship Pastor will be paid on the 15th and 30th of the month via direct deposit.

2. The Personnel Team will recommend the salary of the Worship Pastor.

3. For general policy statements, refer to the Personnel Policy Manual.